4 Meanings of Zakat You Need to Know

As Muslims we know that zakat is one of the five pillars of Islam that must be carried out. The obligation to fulfill zakat is imposed on Muslims who have fulfilled certain conditions such as reaching the Nisab (property limit) and haul (the duration of deposition of property).

But, do you know why Islam requires his followers to commit zakat?

According to Ibn Kathir, a Muslim scientist, zakat began to be obliged in the second year of the hijriah. This order is marked by the descent of Surat Al-Baqarah verse 110:

“And establish prayer and give alms, …”

The reason why Islam requires zakat can be listened to in the following review.

First, zakat means At-Thohuru which means cleansing or purifying.

Allah SWT will cleanse and purify the property and souls of those who are always zakat because of His blessing, such as the word of Allah in the Letter of At-Taubah Verse 103:

“Take zakat from some of their wealth, with the zakat you cleanse and purify them and pray for them, …”

Second, zakat means Al-Barakatu which means blessing.

In addition to obtaining material in order to make ends meet, of course we want to get blessings on the assets obtained from our hard work. The blessings that are in our assets will participate in bringing blessings in life.

By purifying our assets through zakat, Allah will bestow blessings on us. Among the life blessings that we get are peace of mind, health, free from various problems and so forth.

Third, it means An-Numuw which means to grow and develop.

There is no one in this world who has fallen into poverty due to charity, the opposite is true, their sustenance will continue to flow even more (by Allah’s permission). For people who are always zakat because Allah’s wealth will be doubled by Allah SWT

Allah says in Sura Ar-Rum Verse 39:

“And the usury that you give so that he increases in human property, then usury does not add to the side of Allah. And what you give is in the form of zakat which you mean to achieve the pleasure of Allah, then that is the people who multiply. “

Fourth, it means As-Sholahu which means success

Sacred assets will bring blessings to life and keep the owner away from various problems. People who are always zakat because of Allah, God willing, will be kept away from all kinds of property problems such as narrowness of fortune, business bankruptcy, loss, theft, and so forth. If among us feel often have these problems, it may be due to our negligence in performing zakat.

It is a huge benefit of tithe, besides it will bring goodness to ourselves, with tithe we also help people around us who need help. This attitude of mutual help is a big capital to create a better society.